If your dream vacation includes pristine white sand beaches, indulgent spa treatments, the finest island cuisine under the stars, and an endless array of World Class activities - then let us welcome you to Memorial Day Invasion 2014.

Once a relative secret, Memorial Day Invasion enjoyed the exclusivity provided by popular hot spots, Cancun, Miami and even Puerto Rico. But since thousands of patrons have now indulged in the experience we provide, MDI has become one of the major players! Committed to the ideology that everything seems better when there are blue skies and sandy beaches involved. With that said, we once again have set out to bring your tropical fantasies to life. Whether you're the type of vacationer that parties hard or the type that kicks their feet up and relaxes, we've put together the perfect trip for you. We invite you to come experience the warmth and beauty of St.Croix, while you enjoy spacious accommodations, beautifully landscaped grounds, and the picturesque views of the 5 Star All-Inclusive resort we've chosen, which just so happens to occupy a magnificent stretch of pure white sands on the edge of the turquoise Caribbean ocean. Once you pair that up with 6 Comedy Shows featuring some of the funniest comedians in the country and 6 Hot Parties, you’ve got one helluva vacation, better yet, you’ve got the MEMORIAL DAY INVASION!!!